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Equestrian Supplies


Reid and Twiname provide an extensive range of equestrian supplies for the manufacture of equine and bovine covers.

Equestrian Canvas

  • Regentex® Canvas – The largest selling horse cover canvas in NZ.  Manufactured by JT Inglis, Scotland.  A 52% polyester 48% cotton blended fabric, proofed and dyed and woven as ripstop for additional strength.  The cotton content ensures breathability while the polyester gives the fabric its strength.  Available in 4 weights 12oz. 15oz, 18oz and 24oz.  Colour Range – Blue, Green and Natural. 102cm wide.
  • 100% polyester 7oz canvas woven as ripstop at 20mm intervals providing extra strength.
  • Loomstate polycotton blend 12oz canvas, woven as ripstop at 6mm intervals to provide additional strength.  The cotton content allows the fabric to breathe and keep the animal cooler.

Regentex Canvas - more details

Equestrian Industry


  • Blackwatch Polypropylene lining
  • Wool lining with strong polypropylene carrier
  • Polyester lining
  • Composite blended lining

Cotton Duck– 100% cotton unbleached, unproofed loomstate woven canvas.  Available in 4 weights 7oz, 10oz, 12oz and 15oz, 183cm wide.

Jute Canvaswoven and unproofed natural jute canvas

Webtex® Webbings

  • Plastic coated harness webbing – a PVC coated polyester webbing designed for equestrian applications such as leg straps.  Available in 4 widths 13mm, 16mm, 19mm and 25mm
  • Polypropylene webbing – medium and heavyweight ranges – 19mm to 75mm widths.


  • Polypropylene binding, manufactured with UV protected yarn. 

Saddlery Hardware – Metal and Plastic buckles, Fixed Eye Snaps, Dees and Rings.  Nickel plated, brass, black and stainless steel available in a variety of sizes.

Thread – Extensive range of both poly-cotton and polybonded threads


  • Revolving leather punch and replacement heads
  • Shears and scissors 





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